Great Idea, shame it wont work

by chopsy100 - 7/23/10 1:07 AM

In Reply to: TechTracker Problem by DarkDuck2

Installed techtracker yesterday and it found 7 software items that had updates available. Great ! When I started my PC today techtracker informed me again that updates were available for 7 items. When I select any item from the right click list it takes me back to the techtracker download page. Ive re-installed and no change. I'm running windows 7. For info,Ive uninstalled and will try again in a couple of months when youve got the edges rubbed off.
p.s. Why can't you make the log-in etc icons smaller and maybe try hiding them a bit more, then I can use my telescope instead of the magnifying glass I'm having to use now.