Found workaround for embedded video Project Save As...

by rugbyrne8 - 10/27/11 3:41 PM

In Reply to: The only bug I know about by R. Proffitt Moderator

couldn't paste my whole reply to apple forums...but...<span>

<span>you need to open your existing project in KN
<span>Then, open a new project in KN
<span>Make sure your pref's have "copy audio...", "save themes..." and "save as package" all checked. I'm not sure if it needs all these, but I just checked them all.
<span>Copy all your files from the original proj file and paste into the new project.
<span>"Save as" the new project and it should be a much larger proj file with all audio and video embedded permanently.

<span>I tried to quit out of KN, then op-ened my original proj file again. With all my prefs abvove checked I tried to "save as" this project and it did not work. ONLY starting a new project and copying all slides to it worked for me.

<span>I have not found this in th manual yet and that's a bit messed up for me. Especially since I've now lost two important presentations that I'd like to use in demo , etc.