Organizing iTunes,

by mrmacfixit Moderator - 3/14/13 3:30 PM

In Reply to: Organize itunes folders by genre by PR2K

"As of right now my itunes folders in my HD are organize by Artist/Album, per itunes rules."

There are "rules" that one has to abide by for iTunes, or is that not what you meant.

Are your music track external from the iTunes Library or are the folders you are looking at, the folders inside the iTunes folder?

If external, then it is up to you what goes in what folder. iTunes cares nothing about the way that you store your tracks, it only cares about how it organizes them inside the Media folder. As long as iTunes knows where to get the track, there is no problem.

If internal, why bother? If you need to find a track, you simply locate it in iTunes, perhaps in a playlist, and click and drag it to the desktop. Done.

Did I miss what you wanted?