Then consider the flat rate repair option

by Jimmy Greystone - 7/25/11 6:21 AM

In Reply to: :( by ilamprinos

Then consider the flat rate repair option, which is really your only choice IIRC. There's a part constraint on your particular model's display panel and they HAVE to be sent to one of Apple's depots for repair.

Take it to an Apple store, get them to look it over for a flat rate quote. Granted the depots are not actually run by Apple, so they kind of do their own thing a lot of the time, but if you get someone at an Apple retail store to say it should pass muster, you have a much better chance of arguing down any attempts to requote the repair. Just make sure they actually generate a case number at the retail store, and write it down. The retail stores are notoriously bad about that. Drives me nuts when someone says they took a system into an Apple store, who said it was this or that, and I go to look up the history and find there is none. So now I have to duplicate all that effort because of some lazy git at the retail store who couldn't take 5 minutes to write down some notes. And without that case number, there's no official record of anyone having ever looked at your computer, so it becomes a he said she said kind of affair, which you will likely lose. So, be sure to not leave the store until the person who does a cosmetic check of your computer writes something down in a case log, and gives you the number. Might not even hurt to then call Apple's main support line before leaving the general area, give them the case number, and ask them to relay back the gist of the notes. If it's not what the person in the store said, march back in and make them do it over again. Repeat as necessary until you get the proper results.

And yes, I like making life a little difficult for the retail stores sometimes. They make life difficult for me, especially when they screw up a diagnosis, so I return the favor by telling people like you how to work the system, which I'm sure they don't care for, but also can't do anything about.