MacBook Pro Unibody internal battery status connector issue

by MadOverlord - 8/29/09 6:34 AM

Ok, the bad news is that a couple of days ago, my new MBP got caffeinated -- a full cup right into the keyboard. Ouch!

The good news is that after stripping it down and giving it a complete cleaning, it's working again... almost..

I've got one issue that I need help with. There is a tiny ribbon connector that connects the mainboard to the battery status button and lights on the side of the case. This connector simply will not slide back into its latching socket (it's one of those ones with a hinge latch that you click up, then slide the connector in, then click down).

Instead, it gets stuck when about halfway in. My guess is that something is jammed up inside the socket.

If it were just the battery status lights, i wouldn't care, but apparently without this connection, the laptop won't recognize the battery.

I've done the usual stuff, like try to blow out the connector, and soak it in isopropyl, but made no progress.


PS: here's an image of the connector in question: