Can I recover data from a Mac hard drive to a PC

by dhweide - 11/18/11 9:21 PM

My mothers iMac (model A1173) recently took a power hit and died (black screen, power button is nonfunctional...dead). She had docs etc. on it that she would prefer not to lose, and I'm sure that the hard drive is still completely operational. She has decided (due to limited $$) not to risk the price of the power supply and so is buying a replacement, either PC (again $$) or a refurbished Mac. Either way I would like to pull her old hard drive and recover the data. Is it possible to hook the drive to my PC and read it? I know Macs have different formatting, but are there programs that would allow this? I think recovery facilities are expensive, so we would greatly appreciate any suggestions for how I can retrieve her data.