Same problem - just Maxtor loud seek noise?

by amcg - 2/23/05 4:35 AM

In Reply to: Three brand-new hard drives - Loud Clicking Noises by Harv

I bought and installed a Maxtor DiamondMax 10 160Gb drive last week. I've actually removed it and repackaged it to send back to the vendor for testing because the seek noise was so loud. Describing it as a geiger counter is an excellent description.

Its noise while idle is perfectly acceptable but its noise when performing any operation was so similar to that you'd get from a knackered old PC that I was very worried I'd got a defective product.

Is there any point in my sending it back if this type of loud clicking is just normal for Maxtor's seek noise?

p.s. It's extra obvious to me because I've put it in a SFF cube pc... sad