Have same problem/issue

I have a 160GB and an 80GB maxtor in my system both making a loud fast clicking sound much like a geiger counter. I had a frend tell me that maxtor drives were loud so I put this down to being the price you pay for a cheap drive, however having thought about it after reading this post I think you may be onto something with the drives being deffective.

In my home there are 3 other systems using maxtor drives 2 only use 40GB drives so I put the lack of noise down to them being so small, but the other uses an 80GB and there is never any noise coming from it. However

I would not worry to much about it if I were you I've had my PC for 2 years and the the 80GB the whole time, its never failed me (except when I murdered my MBR with Linux but thats another story and wasn't too difficult to fix, thank god for FDISK) anyway the 160GB is only 6 months old and still covered under warranty so it it fails I'll get my money back. I would recommend getting another manufacturers drive and maybe pay a little more, it'll be worth it in the end.

Maxtor is to Sony as Gola is to Nike (dont worry if you dont know what gola is thats the point)