Information on CD quality digital audio recording


I am also looking to an alternative to the Sony MD recorder, which works OK most of the time but may crash at any moment and destroy the sound recording of a lifetime. The minidiscs particularly, I find a bit fragile.

The ideal would be in my opinion to adapt the portable drive concept with sound recording via stereo mic with possibility of using wave or high quality mp3 or equivalents, which would then enable a quickly USB download to computers for edits.

You may wonder why the stuff is not here yet and so do I but the folks who create the digital devices for consumers target mostly people who play commercial music while ignoring much of the rest of life, not the grass root radio journalist or the snake bitten music enthusiast.

One thing, someone told me is that there is a mini mic mixer out there which could be packaged with some of the digital recorders which have high storage drive capacity of 20 GB or higher and capable of recording in 44.1kHz 16 bit stereo via input port. It would look like a little sandwich, not quite the pocket type trendy stuff you see folks plugging along with but would be the equivalent of a portable mini studio.

I saw a basic Q&A of sound recording on the net which should place you in the right focus.

If you find stuff out there that meets our mutual needs please do forward here.