Re: Excel displays zeros as negative

by MarkFlax Moderator - 12/1/04 3:18 AM

In Reply to: Re: Excel displays zeros as negative by Kees Bakker Moderator

That's still very strange though, (sorry, I'm butting in).

I did this on my Excel.

In cells A1:B1:C1 I entered, -13.69:0:13.69 and in cell D1 I used the AutoSum feature to sum these, and got 0. Not -0, but 0.

I tried all different variations of Formatting the 4 cells, eg as a number, as currency, with 2 decimal places, with more, as minus figures, etc, and always came up with 0 in D1.

This makes me think there must be something else.

Where do these figures -13.69, 0, 13.69 come from?

Are they calculated elsewhere and stored in these cells? If so, perhaps the calculation itself is producing an xth decimal place. eg something is creating the amount -13.690000000001 or whatever.

But even then, in my worksheet, cells formatted to currency with 2 decimal places does not create a -0.

Very strange.