not sure if I heard that before, but

by Park_Bio - 3/25/14 4:52 PM

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... I do have another clock radio set up in the house and it's four-foot long wire antenna is set up horizontally (though hardly by a straight path: the radio is on the window sill, and the wire runs under the window screen frame, out the window, around a corner to, and across, a storm shutter. That anternna belongs to a Craig alarm clock/radio (model 45329A).

Until recently, I had gotten by very nicely with these inexpensive ($15 to $25) radio alarm clocks costing. My incumbent favorite is a RCA (model RP3703A) with dual alarms and 9-volt battery back up. It had been doing fine until something changed (either the signal or my radio) almost a year ago. Re-positioning the radio, I tried every available location (window sills and furniture tops) in the bedroom.

But, reception of my favorite station remains weak (rarely bearable). Even when reception is clear enough to listen to, it remains very tenuous; just walking around the bedroom after I get up in the morning causes the signal to fade or strengthen that significantly. I may try augmenting the little wire antenna that hangs from the back of that other radio (Craig model 45329A) for now. But, perhaps, it's time to start looking into programming my laptop to simulate a radio alarm clock, waking itself up each morning at a pre-programmed hour and playing the streamed broadcast.

Thanks again.