*Which* Polk system are you referring to(?)

by Pepe7 - 3/20/14 8:50 AM

In Reply to: Need advice setting up whole home speaker system by pdrpoet

We need more specifics unfortunately. Model number, please. These products are all very different/offer different features. 'Whole home audio' can mean a lot of different things. If the Polk system you have in mind offerings some sort of switcher (w/ remote, hopefully) to control each respective pair/room, that's likely not going to be 'seen' per se via the Pioneer. Some of the Polk speakers are IP addressable, so that means they would at least be able to be controlled by a computer. YMMV, until we know more specifics.

That said, keep in mind that most (probably not all) off the shelf receivers that include iOS/Android apps will not allow you to control additional speakers besides what's native to the AV receiver (e.g. A/B + C).