Camera audio - makers don't even try

by whythebarriers - 12/14/13 11:05 AM

In Reply to: Loud sounds by snapshot2 Moderator

Agreed - audio is the poor relation, and not helped along by reviewers rarely giving it proper attention. We should remind them! Until I broke it, my old Kodak V570 did a more than acceptable job of recording my reggae-band family. My daughter said the sound was much better than her expensive full sized Canon, and it's definitely superior to squeaky smartphones, Lumixes and the like. Bass actually reached down to E without fracture.

Also agree about AGC - so poorly understood and implemented. Around 1946, possibly earlier, BBC broadcast compressors used a double time-constant to adapt the reaction to short peaks versus long ones. Makes a huge difference, and with modern electronics it's a trivial addition of two passive components. Wish all camera and mini-recorder makers knew.

The V570 is rare and obsolete and perhaps unreliable now. I hear that Zoom now make a high quality recorder with a so-so camera onboard.