Thank you to you both!

Thank you for the information on the shooting modes and different things I can adjust. I generally go to concerts with the handicapped option, though that's just a seat, NOT a guarantee you'll be anywhere near the stage as mine are mostly standing room only. As a person with disabilities, getting to the front isn't always possible. (I totally wish though! lol) I guess I'll wait till Christmas morning and devour the manual, keeping your different setting recommendations printed out next to me until it's second nature. I may have to put the LX7 on the wishlist for a few years down the road after I pay off the hospital bills and things since my first love is music and second is photography though it's mostly been macros of natural flora and fauna. Concerts are definitely a "new" venue for me. Thanks for the help, I'll keep researching how to handle the Canon and put the LX7 on the "drool" list for the future!