Samsung Customer Service is GARBAGE !

by 777Mazda - 12/9/13 11:53 AM

In Reply to: Samsung HT E5400/ZA by 777Mazda

After receiving my unit back from Samsungs Contracted repair facility "CVE in Nj" , I inspected it only to find my worst fear had come true and found all kinds of scratches and scuff marks on the unit !
When I first setup the repair I told the CS rep that this unit was in New condition , not like-new , it was in PERFECT shiny New condition and did not want to receive it back in any less of condition ! Luckily I took pictures to show this, unfortunately after sending Samsung Customer Service an email with pictures, calling and being placed on hold over and over by incompetent reps that went round and round, the only option given was to send the unit back to CVE, Samsung would pay to replace the outer shell(as if they were doing me a favor) and Samsung would pay the shipping to the facility as a compensation ??? (even though it was their fault and they should rightfully pay the shipping).
After this experience, I will never purchase another Samsung product or recommend anyone do so, do to the lack of Customer Service and horrible Warranty/Repair service contractors !
Don't buy SAMSUNG !