by ski-coach - 12/3/13 6:23 PM

In Reply to: Yes, folk have tried. by R. Proffitt Moderator

Hmmm. As you say, way too techy. Also read some articles that implied that DLNA will soon be a thing of the past.

Seems I have two options:

1) swap memory cards back and forth between video camera and tablet
- downside: cumbersome in the cold; extra cards needed; not possible on iPad (but who cares); apps may not perform well when reading off memory card; SD (most camcorders) vs MICRO-SD (most tablets)
- upside: can use coaching video review apps on tablet

2) use a camera top monitor like those made by Marshall.
- downside: can NOT use coaching video review apps; have to use video playback on video camera (mine is terrible); cumbersome set up with cable connecting camera and monitor.
- upside: instant playback on larger screen

I really hope that this day and age of technology was further ahead. sad