re: Concert Camera advice for sort-of newbie

by MarkatNite - 12/3/13 12:30 PM

In Reply to: Camera advice for sort-of newbie. by kalypso_oneroi

First, note that there's nothing that will take good pics from the "nose bleed" seats -- i.e. back of the arena -- or even just as far back as the soundboard. (OK, technically, it would be possible to take good pics with a DSLR and fast/bright telephoto lens, but most bands/venues still prohibit "professional" cameras. Heck, I've almost been kicked out for shooting with an Olympus E-PL5 and 75mm lens.)

That being said, if you can get within the first 10 rows, you should be able to get pretty decent pics with a Panasonic LX7 which is why I recommended it previously (for someone shooting from the pit):;threadListing

Note: I also included some shooting tips/setting recommendations that you may find helpful in that thread.

The problem for you is that the LX7 is over your (parents') budget. So, if you think you can usually get seats upfront, I think you should go earn a few extra bucks ($50-100 should cover the shortfall) by shoveling your neighborhood driveways or flipping burgers for a couple of weeks or whatever. (As a bonus, this would also show your parents how committed you are to this.)