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by boya84 - 12/1/13 6:43 PM

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electronics generally don't like extreme environmentals. Snow is cold. And can be wet.

Link to the manual
The third (large) English manual has interesting information.

Also, when going from a relatively warm environment to cold - or from cold to warm, there might be condensation (page 3). This will fog the lens and video recording will be impaired. This can take a while to clear. Also, refer to page 192 about the battery in cold. It will not last as long as when it is in a more "normal" temperature so you get to plan accordingly - additional high capacity batteries are available from Panasonic.

Consider wrapping the camcorder (and covering the battery) with warmers

We assume video will not be captured handheld. There is no camcorder with enough optical stabilization that can capture useful handheld fast action. Some sort of stabilization is strongly suggested. Perhaps a helmet mount...

Rather than "transfer" the video to a tablet or computer, it is possible to connect the camcorder's AV-out to a monitor to TV. Then there is no transfer, merely using the camcorder as the playback device. If you "mount" the memory anywhere for use by an application (Ubersense, Kinovia, Coaches Eye, Dartfish Express), transfer is required for the application to make use of the video. You may not want to "transfer" the video, but the applications you suggest need that data and are not "real-time" capable.