Horrible experience with Samsung Customer service

by genevea3 - 11/16/13 9:45 PM

In Reply to: Unhappy about repair service by Isabella705

I am furious with Samsung and their horrendous customer service. I spent all night attempting to get a hold of someone who could help me fix the problem with my S4 front camera or just help me replace the faulty phone as I have a one year warranty for the Phone. I first attempted to call customer service and was on hold for however long and then I decide I couldnt wait anymore so I decided to try the online chat where the person on the other side of the computer took ages to respond to my questions as they knew that inactivity in the chat would lead to the chat shutting down. This when on for about an hour. I continued to reactivate the chat and had to start over from the beginning each time. I noticed that i kept getting the same person each time; someone by the name 'Martin K'. Eventually i wasn't allowed to access the chat any longer which my guess was that martin k whoever this person is had something to do with it. I just want the phone I bought in cash for $700 plus tax to work as it is supposed to or at least get one that is In good working condition considering I still have a one year warranty for the phone. I am a full time student and $700 is a whole lot of freaking money that I did not just pluck from a tree. Now i'm hearing things about Samsung sending people refurbished junk or sending back whatever you sent to them. I am not happy at all with this situation. I intend to tell anyone who is willing to listen about this experience because clearly the customers are not that important to Samsung.