by sguven - 11/14/13 2:24 PM

In Reply to: Blinds by Pepe7

It is your fault that I am now spending 4 hours a day reading every single reply about the F7100 happy


I am on the 29th page, 70 to go!

The issues with the panel lottery or flash lightning are subject of most of the discussions in that thread. It is also nice to start from the beginning and read through problems people had, which ones were fixed by firmware updates, and which ones not. I am also building a tips reference file by copy pasting good tips from users.

The room is very small, but the Cyprus room will be much, much bigger of course happy I can still plan the seating units accordingly so that a 4 seater is right across from the tv.

I want to once again thank you for all the explanations in making this decision easy for me.