PX3. Not Charging

by srlake314 - 11/13/13 11:37 AM

In Reply to: ANSWER :) by Hashim_beast


So I've gone through all the forums I can and have come to the conclusion, no one reads the original problem LOL.

Yes the manual and the online support have us jumping through hoops with no end, ie. boot strapping or whatever the headset, power cycling, repairing, etc. I've done all of this, and even pressed the little reset button that's inside a teeny tiny hole on the right earpiece.

For some reaosn the headset is not charging. When I turn them on, it blips red intermittently indicating low power along with that annoying beep. I've had it plugged in with the pc power on for 24 hours so I thought maybe the light was being stubborn and ignoring that it was supposed to be solid red while charging, however, after that time, it is still being annoying and not charging.

I've tried alternate usb cables but that isn't it, because the light still does not come on. The light turn green when I first power up, as it should, and the red blipping occurs so the light itself works.

Does anyone have a real solution? Is the internal battery just dead? Weird that it just happened. I've had these less than a year, so.....

Anyone, anyone?