by sguven - 11/11/13 12:15 PM

In Reply to: You just drove your car off the road by Pepe7

honestly, by this point it seems the wisdom of all the previous threads where the asker eventually gives up stands true..

even in my case, where i would be able to get it to the destination cost-free (both in terms of transit and customs/fees) the huge issue of warranty is the nail in the coffin for this idea.

I could get a good compromise US-TV for around $900 now which would suit all my needs for roughly a year, then probably just use it for nothing but gaming/streaming from pc. But then again I will have to buy ANOTHER brand new tv for the local channels (which will be important for wife to learn the new language of the country..)

OR I could get a multi-system TV for around $2000 which will have a year long warranty, meaning if it breaks on the 13th month of use (which has happened to my expensive headphones, sound system and many other devices!) I will be stuck with a TV with a complex system in a country where it will be impossible to get it repaired for a reasonable amount.

Once again thank you for your replies and patience with me, I gave up on my quest and will keep using my 40'' sony until I move next year happy