Thanks Bob and Pepe

by sguven - 11/10/13 7:49 AM

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Well, I did some reading on 4k and I guess its too early to jump on the bandwagon.

I also did some serious reading into the plasma options, how some authors on cnet are recommending the panasonic ones before they stop producing them on march 2014, then I ran into some other reviews on the other websites where people are talking about the permanent burn-ins and I gave up completely on the plasma idea. (any thoughts on this would also be appreciated)

Now I did some comparisons between the multi-system tvs offered on the websites you recommended, as well as current deals on the us versions. One casepoint example:

Sharp LC60LE630M 60" Multi System LED TV - $1770 with shipping

Sharp AQUOS LC60LE650U 60" 1080p Smart LC-60LE650U LED HDTV with Wi-Fi US Version - $899 with shipping.

Now, the multi system vendor's return policy is a little scary, in the sense that you would not have a grace period to return it if you are simply not happy with it. They offer replacements for broken things under the warranty they offer, but my worry is about this multi-system enabling process = how am I to know if what they are doing to these tvs to get them work around the world will not affect its picture quality or other features? It feels like a leap of faith, with a price tag that is $800 more.

The US version above is 1 year newer than the 630 version mind you, and it seems like certain aspects were improved.

Now the question that remains is this:

Should I just go with the multi-system and gamble away and hope that the quality will be nice, and pay the $800 difference for peace of mind that it will work in fall 2014 when I move to Cyprus?


Should I just get the US version for dirt cheap, and buy something like "Com World WGC-RF1080p" (did not want to post link directly to seller) which is for about $150? How likely are devices like this to:
a) Give me local channels that I can get without the cable box subscription?
b) Give me local channels with the digiturk cable box standard broadcast?
c) Give me local channels with the digiturk cable box HD broadcast?

I am leaning more towards the second option because i would get the US version of the TV with full super-retailer warranties as well as the option to return in 30 days if i am not happy with the picture. In the worst case that I cannot get the com world device to work in the a) b) c) options above, I guess I could just use it as a movie-from-pc and game console tv only..