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by Pepe7 - 11/9/13 6:20 PM

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AVS make take some time since you are posting a semi-odd topic.

For the kitchen TV, simply use a $75 media streamer box to connect to your main PCs media library. Done. DLNA won't do as much for you in this arena. Also, since you are into PCs, check out Plex & XMBC.

Glad to hear a 55" might work for you- it's still a great way to enjoy HT/HD wink.

Yes, I agree you should make every attempt at viewing the HDTV you intend on buying in person. The good thing is, you are in NYC, mecca of all things bought or sold (and drank or eaten too). VIsit more 'Chinatown'-like retailers for more multi-system options.

See my reply to Bob regarding 4K. Don't even worry about it now. Just buy an HDTV that can handle 1080p and suits are your other needs (PQ, etc.). I will be more blunt though- who gave you the vaguest impression that next year there will be massive amounts of 4K content available(?) wink

I made a post in AVS however I did not get any replies in the last two days, maybe the way I presented the questions were not nice.

Regarding the DLNA: I was hoping for an arrangement where the main living room tv would be connected to the pc with cables, but lets say maybe to have another tv in kitchen which would be wirelessly connected.. Not sure how feasible/possible those are, but I guess that is something that I can always look into later. Now the question of TV choice remains.

So, I visited the store dubbed "Amazon Showcase" today to check out the TV's. First of all, I was quite surprised with the size of the 60-65 inch tvs, and I think even an 55'' one would work for my needs.

Secondly, looking at how the quality of the picture can vary among different models, I am having second thoughts about buying the multi-system TV without a chance to view it in person. I live in NYC and visiting those stores in IL would not be possible. I called B&H superstore and they seem to only carry models up to 32 inch for multi-system.

My new question is regarding the 4k tvs.. The store had about 20 tvs on display, and of course in the middle of it all they had this amazing showcase for the 4k with a motion picture on it that mesmerized me. ALL the rest of the tvs had this computer generated ad on it which displayed the stores deals, from which you could not really judge quality - I think they felt in shame to put them next to the 4k one :P

Now from my years of building my own custom desktop computers, I know a thing or two about content lagging behind tech. My question is regarding your views on how fast you think 4k content is likely to catch up, in the form of movie disks or streamed content from pc or cable tv. I really do not want to make a $4000 investment into a nice tv now, only to have it obsolete in one year.

What are your thoughts on the 4k investment right now, or simply delaying my tv purchase for another year and looking at my options in fall 2014?</sorry>