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The thread already maxed out, so I put my current reply here.

(I've cut and pasted the post I'm replying to below, btw.)

See my reply to Bob regarding DLNA. It stinks. You have a Windows PC, so you are good to go already.

You are correct regarding the 'welded on' SmarTV/3D features in most cases. Especially if you are looking at the higher priced/larger panels (a la 65"). Simply use what you need to on those HDTVs.

I will be blunt again though. It won't be easy necessarily to find reviews of such HDTVs in multi-system form. There's no telling what shortcuts or different builds/features are in those sometimes. And since they aren't sold @ BB/Costco/etc., it may require some serious detective work to determine which HDTV suits you needs. Even more so for lag time, etc.
A web site such as AVS would perhaps be a better place to hook up with folks more knowledgeable in the qualities of the multi-system versions of major manufacturers such as Samsung. This lack of general information may lead you to drive a couple hours to actually see one of these in person and test it out in a rogue store who had it on display. Are you located near a major urban area of the U.S. currently? AVS might be able to help you find a dealer where you reside.

FWIW, if you look at Samsung in the 50-55" sizes, you would be saving quite a lot, from looking at the web sites I posted in this thread. 60-65" really starts to get expensive in the higher end 8000 series.

Pepe and Bob, thank you for your patience with me and your replies.

Currently my setup in the house is like this:

My high-end pc is connected to the receiver of the 5.1 sound system, as well as the cable box. Output from sound system goes to the TV. I either watch the channels on the cable, or I get streaming from my PC.

For my next TV purchase it will be a similar setup, with the addition of the Xbox One.

I never, never ever use any of the features of the Smart TV (since most of those stuff I can do through my PC) and I am absolutely not interested in the 3d tv.

However my research (this stands true for both multi-system tvs and American tvs) i showing me that most of the newest and high end models pretty much -force- you to get this smart tv and 3d tv features, which is unnecessarily increasing my price.

All I am looking for is a system with the best picture quality, minimum input lag for xbox one, and DLNA compatibility if I want to go that route.

With this in mind, would you be able to recommend me a good multi-system tv? Or an American one, so I can have a point of comparison?
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