smart tv and warranties

Pepe and Bob, thank you for your patience with me and your replies.

Currently my setup in the house is like this:

My high-end pc is connected to the receiver of the 5.1 sound system, as well as the cable box. Output from sound system goes to the TV. I either watch the channels on the cable, or I get streaming from my PC.

For my next TV purchase it will be a similar setup, with the addition of the Xbox One.

I never, never ever use any of the features of the Smart TV (since most of those stuff I can do through my PC) and I am absolutely not interested in the 3d tv.

However my research (this stands true for both multi-system tvs and American tvs) i showing me that most of the newest and high end models pretty much -force- you to get this smart tv and 3d tv features, which is unnecessarily increasing my price.

All I am looking for is a system with the best picture quality, minimum input lag for xbox one, and DLNA compatibility if I want to go that route.

With this in mind, would you be able to recommend me a good multi-system tv? Or an American one, so I can have a point of comparison?