DLNA (just that.)

by R. Proffitt Moderator - 11/8/13 7:22 AM

In Reply to: NTSC is dead; buy a multi-system HDTV here by Pepe7

Let's chat about DLNA for a second. It is many things to many people but let's get it out and through some light on it.

-> If you read forums where the developer of a DLNA server chats with users and contributors you inevitably learn that DLNA is barely acceptable for what most folk want. I can't guess what folk think DLNA is, but in its most basic specs, it's a POC. It was a pretty good idea when a TV was a TV but today folk expect more than what DLNA delivers.

Many DLNA servers have to work around vendor specifics and frankly a PC, Apple TV, XBMC, Xbox, PS3 is so superior that I have begun to ignore DLNA along with Smart TV features. It's true that for a better set you get DLNA, Smart TV but I'm finding myself turning it off.