Let me comment about warranties and "smart tvs."

by R. Proffitt Moderator - 11/7/13 5:36 PM

In Reply to: got it thanks by sguven

If you read the usual forums you find folk that bought in some country, moved and then need service. They flame every maker about having to ship it back to the country of origin for service. So even the smallest of issues can cause any savings to evaporate.

And then we have "smart tvs." Almost all are regionalized and one maker even goes so far to read a hardware code to lock down use to the region the set was supposed to be in.

This is why I feel that a smart tv is worth the same as a non-smart tv of the same size and picture quality. The makers have not so hidden agendas which bring the value of the smart tv to zero. Google Samsung PIA for an example.