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by Pepe7 - 11/7/13 7:47 AM

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Are you reading/studying what I posted above, including all the links(?) 8-)

**Bottom line for you to focus on in this discussion**

American TVs won't work since they don't handle the European formats. Most of what they sell on Amazon is a non-starter for that reason. The turk box will be outputting 50Hz content, but the American HDTV can't handle it. You will have to go w/ the slightly higher priced multi-system HDTVs, which do fine w/ 50Hz content from either a Euro DVB-T (satellite) box or Euro Cable box.

See Samsung manual for the US version of this TV to see what it supports-

(*notice there's no support of 50Hz)

Similar 65" Euro version (both 50Hz & 60Hz frequencies are supported)