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by sguven - 11/7/13 6:28 AM

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Now the problem is the pricing of the multisystem ones. i want everything, without no sacrifices! silly

Take for example, the Samsung UN65F8000, that is sold on amazon. Going back to the beginning of our discussion (sorry if I am making you repeat anything):

IF I go to Cyprus and get subscription to a HD channel service, which I will connect it to the TV through a box, (the company I will use is Digiturk, with its local branch in Cyprus, info is here:, since the connection will be through HDMI cable, does the NTSC/ATSC/PAL really matter at all? What about the 50hz/60hz debate? What about the DOCSIS/IPTV?

If none of these things matter and I will be able to view the channels that Digiturk HD is going to give me (I do not care about the local channels that you get without the box, through the tuner), then I would simply get an american TV with an excellent cyber monday / black friday deal, and then just worry about the voltage.

What is your thoughts on this?