by sguven - 11/6/13 9:30 AM

In Reply to: No worries ;) by Pepe7

It is where I am from originally, I have been in the US for work for past 5 years and its time to go back. With all the customs and taxes, a TV sold by a retailer in the US for $3200 is sold for around $8000 in Cyprus, which is why I am spending a considerable amount of time researching into this issue -_-

I am now doing the research on the multi-system tvs and hopefully the issue will be resolved that way. I will also contact the cable company in Cyprus which features HD broadcast services through subscription - however I am not sure with HD broadcast if it will be guaranteed to work on these multi-system tvs..

Where do these multi-system TV's stand in the discussion of the "50hz - 60hz compatibility" debate?

Thanks once again for your help.