Time to hold class.


Please focus on the scan line count. Those top scan lines were rarely to never seen back in the days of ratty old TVs. Move to a capture card and a PC and you might find folk new to this complaining about ratty scan lines at the top or bottom.

These were extra and there are a lot of articles about how old TVs worked but I took a moment to find an article that covers just this.

-> OK you want a card that always works? What you have always works IF you feed it good standard NTSC signals. When it's a little off such as I noted in my posts about tracking then you find yourself fiddling with tracking or trying the other usual things. I prefer a DVR since it's made such transfers a lot easier. I did some 40 tapes for my dad 2 years ago and it was pretty painless. Just press play, record to the HDD, let it go, come back, trim and then dub to DVD.

If I wanted to edit more I could get on the PC to rip from DVD and do more but transfer was all I would do for family.

-> In parting, HAUPPAUGE makes some better capture gear but if your source video signal is garbage, no capture system will fix that. Garbage in, garbage out.