From VHS

by JVCooperative - 10/30/13 9:36 PM

In Reply to: Having had this discussion before. by R. Proffitt Moderator

No, I want to take from a variety of VHS sources and then compile onto DVDs, so there would probably be a fair amount of video editing, possibly more than is feasible without graphic representations.

Also, I did get the ADVC working using the video RCA port, not the S-Video port. Color is stable now, but picture is not that great. Also I have a thin, 1/8" bar of blur running across the bottom edge of the screen on picture coming from two different VCRs.

I will just add BTW that I have used a variety of audio capture devices without a hitch -- varying quality to be sure, but all are rock-solid in terms of doing the job they are supposed to do: getting your analog audio digitized into your computer. So why not video?