by JVCooperative - 10/30/13 7:01 PM

In Reply to: Is it b/w? by R. Proffitt Moderator

"Digging in my heels?" I got the thing less than a week ago and am planning on returning it. I think you are going a little off the deep end there. Also, I asked for comparable but better units that don't exhibit this problem, which I heard you loud and clear is well documented -- though if you could point to some links, that would help.

My concern with buying a DVR is that I probably want to compile DVDs of varieties of sources and am not sure how easy editing is on those. What I like about the ADVC 110 is that you feed it into a computer and then can edit the video using a variety of software, then burn it to a disc -- is that an option with the DVR? Seriously I am brand new to this.