I'm willing to get anything that works

by littlelamb - 9/22/13 10:00 AM

In Reply to: No, by Oldartq

Someone from samsung told me that I can't connect a sound bar, not through the component port or hdmi. So that's out. I need someone to tell me exactly what I need to get so that I can use my laptop with my tv. I don't have a smart tv so I connect my laptop and it works great, all I want is better sound. I'm aware that I can connect my tivo to my stereo's audio in as well as my dvd player. I have an old dvd player so I connect it with composite cables to the back of my tv and the audio to my stereo. I do the same for my WII. I connect the video to my tv and the audio to my stereo. It's a bit of a hassle to constantly have to connect and disconnect for each device but at least it works. It's using my laptop with my tv that I would love a solution for. If someone can be more detailed as to what I need and what connections need to be made I would truly appreciate it.