Newer model = different values

by James_Kaan - 9/21/13 10:54 AM

In Reply to: Newer model = different values by MasterZoen

All of my other settings are the same as the Cnet configuration:

Picture mode: Movie
Backlight: 59
Brightness: 53
Contrast: 75
Color: 50
Tint: -3
Sharpness: 2 (OK, this one's different)

In the Advanced Picture menu, I have everything set to off except for Film Mode.

In my previous basic calibration, I had the contrast in the low 50s. The increase to 75 was jarring at first because the TV became a lot brighter--too bright to watch in the dark, like you said. But I have a bias light behind my tv, so I just adjusted that to be brighter instead.