vizo e550i

by droidfiendz - 9/19/13 4:20 PM

In Reply to: which make/model is your 42" HDTV? by Pepe7

I have a Hannspree ST2DMSB and the picture looks better on the hannspree than on the vizio (which I got from walmart). It funny to read the reviews on walmart's site about this tv. People stating that its the "best picture they have ever seen". and i guess if were watching tube tv before the picture is great by that comparison. I also have a two 32" 70 60hz sets and the picture looks the picture looks the same on those as it does on the4 vizio. I am ware that broadcast tv only goes up to 720p/1080i but I would expect a better picture from my roku box or from a blu ray disc. The vizio fail in giving a superior picture over all my sets...