by Wildblood82 - 9/17/13 8:04 AM

In Reply to: Advice on a New TV for Gaming by Wildblood82

I don't think I'll need 2k for another 5 years or so. Sure, movies will come out next year or the year after at the latest, but TV shows, apart from a select few, won't come out for a while. Also 2k games won't be til next gen. Even now, TV shows I watch are only available at 720p. 2k is nice and all, but I have no use for it. Even if it were cheap, I'd rather pay for an epic 1080p screen than an ok 2k one.

What about:
Samsung UE40F8000
Sony KDL-55HX853 (or the Sony KDL-46HX853)

I like the look of the Samsung, but I'm thinking 40" is too small. Right now I have a Samsung LE40R51BX just so you get an idea of how ancient it is. Still, not a single dead pixel after 7-8 years - I'm damn impressed with it!