Yes I agree 60" is too high for a TV

by wpgwpg - 9/15/13 9:36 AM

In Reply to: Re: I see nobody answered your 120 hz question by Big Steve

My TV table is 27" high, and I think it's about right. The TV's stand raises it about another 3". When I sit in my recliner about 9' away it's just slightly higher than my eye level. Re Circuit City, I know they closed all their stores in my area; I think they closed all their stores in the US. I miss them too. You don't have to sit to judge how far away from a TV you want to be though, I've always just stood and looked in the stores. I don't have a formula for size & distance because I don't believe that's a substitute for going to a store and seeing what pleases your eyes. Sitting closer to my 47" screen doesn't change the fact that those far off wide angle shots of the football field makes it hard to see the action when the ball is snapped.
The coverage seems backwards to me; they're too far back before the ball is snapped, then everything is close in after. It's often impossible to tell whether a team has made a 1st down. The announcers too often are BSing about the players, coaches, or some personal experiences so you don't get the info until they go back to the wide angle. Just my personal perspective. YMMV.