Here's a list of TV stands for up to 52"

by wpgwpg - 9/15/13 10:17 AM

In Reply to: Re: Lots to consider. by Big Steve

I went to Walmart's web site and found the following list of TV stands for up to 52".
Notice the $79 stand for up to 47" says it holds up to 95 lbs. My 47" TV only weighs 65, so that stand could probably support some larger TVs.
Target has a selection of 249 TV stands here . How's THAT for a selection! grin
Some houses (e.g. mine) aren't suitable for wall mounts. My wall is total brick up to about 6' surrounding a fireplace. The adjacent wall is a big bay window. Some houses have stone surronding fireplaces. So if you're going to spend $400 to $500 or more on a TV, another $79 for a nice stand for it wouldn't be that big a deal I wouldn't think.