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by Big Steve - 9/14/13 10:16 PM

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A wall mount would not be a good option for me; never even considered it. My current 27" JCV TV set weighs around 95 lbs. Here's information on my set from CNET Reviews.

<span>I have in my den a piece of furniture from the 60's that was my parents; it's a Magnavox home entertainment center from the 60's which contains a 21" black and white TV set in the middle with sliding wood doors to hide the TV; at the left end of the cabinet is a record player which is accessed from the top of the cabinet from a sliding door and at the right end of the cabinet is another sliding compartment which allows access to the TV tuner and an AM/FM radio; nothing works but the cabinet is still nice; real wood; no particle board.

<span>The cabinet is about 7' wide and approximately 4' high. I could move that piece of furniture into my living room; put a larger set on top of it and move my current cabinet which will only hold a 27" analog style TV set into the den. It might work but then it might look weird. That piece of Magnavox furniture looks something like this:





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