Re: I see nobody answered your 120 hz question

by Big Steve - 9/14/13 9:47 PM

In Reply to: I see nobody answered your 120 hz question by wpgwpg


I live in an area that doesn't have that many retail stores thay sell HDTV sets; I do have a Best Buy; there's Sears; Wal-Mart and Target. I need to go to a retail store that has a simulated sitting area if there is such a thing and view sets on basic cable TV but prior to Hurricane Katrina there was a nice Circuit City store in my area which had a nice display area where you could sit down and look at TV sets but most had satellite TV being shown on them; not the same as basic cable TV in HD. That Circuit City store never reopened after Katrina. I think Circuit City stores closed.

Do you know of a formula to use to determine how large of a set to buy based upon how far back you would be sitting from the TV? You mentioned you had a 47" set but wished you had a 50" set; you must have a very large room you use to view your TV. Thanks for the information on the 120 hz question. So do you agree with some of the others who have posted here to get another piece of furniture; something lower to place a larger screen set on rather than trying to find a smaller set that will fit inside of my existing cabinet which might; just might hold a 32" HDTV set?

Big Steve