Re: Consider winning the war instead of only the battle ;)


I bought my current entertainment cabinet at a Lazy Boy gallery store; it's nice but as for the 720p verses the 1080p go with the 1080p if buying a larger set? What about refresh rate? 60 verses 120? Is there a formula on how to determine how large of a set to purchase based upon the distance the viewer is from the set?

So your advice is not to buy a larger set and put it on top of my cabinet nor waste money buying something smaller that would fit into my cabinet? I saw this HDTV set on QVC's website and if the dimensions are correct this set would fit inside my cabinet since it's not as wide or as high as my current JVC 27" analog CRT stereo TV set. Is this set too small of a set to consider?$uslarge$

This set which is also on QVC's website might be a tight squeeze.$uslarge$

Final question: Which is better? An LCD set or an LED set?

Big Steve