Check source

by mjd420nova - 9/11/13 7:50 PM

In Reply to: Home Theater setup by jzeck

Check the audio options on the HDTV. There should be an option to turn on and off the speakers and "force PCM" to the optical port. The Vizio is this way. All sources go to the HDTV via HDMI (sat.rcvr, DVD/BR player, game console and PC) and the audio can come from the TV, and rcvr. The ARC is confusing and not all HDMI ports are duplex (2 way). This can lead to distorted audio, stuttering and poor lip sync. I prefer not to use it. As with the idea of a "universal" remote, attempting control remotely of one device and using the ARC to remotely control another sounds pretty much hit and miss to start with.