Can I have a list of ghost towns with the people responsible

by Ziks511 - 9/8/13 11:49 AM

In Reply to: History: The town that FDR killed by James Denison

for them, please? Towns die. In hard times towns sometimes die under pressure from the weather, from drought, or from the economics of their location. The truth is that the recovery of gold there became uneconomic. Are you saying that all goldmining in the US was halted by Roosevelt? There is great irritation in Newfoundland over Joey Smallwood's insistence that some communities were too remote to support and very odd pictures of houses on pontoons being floated to new locations. When sailing was cheaper, they were serviced by coastal shipping, when it began using coal and oil it became too expensive. All of this ignores the prior cost of servicing those communities in human lives. Funny how easily we ignore the human cost of things.

Your understanding of the issue of the Gold Standard in the Depression, is on par with your understanding of most issues, in other words appallingly ignorant. Perhaps you should do the reading before you weigh in on an issue you don't understand, purely to slag two of the most different politicians in the history of the US. Obama is no more a leftist than was Eisenhower, possibly less.

I'd suggest a real economic study of the situation in the US in 1933, but odds are that Wikipedia has a potted article of the roots and reasons for the change from the Gold Standard. There was a controversy in the late 10th Century with Wm Jennings Bryan thundering "Thou shalt not crucify a man on a Cross of Silver." You can look it up. For God's sake, look something up so we don't have to read this drivel.