Since methane

by TONI H - 9/8/13 2:56 AM

In Reply to: Maybe not now but it will happen by Willy

gas converts naturally into carbon dioxide, using methane instead of 'fossil' fuels isn't any better a solution than what we already have. It's a carrot being dangled as an alternative but the carrot is more rotten than the apple we are already eating.

You won't stop, contain, or control the 'greenhouse' effect because methane comes naturally in large quantities from other sources that people don't think about. You talk about the side affects to older ways that we are paying to clean up now and believe you can avoid that by shutting down entire industries and replacing the source with something else......but you aren't even questioning the side affects of what the 'new' source will be because you are buying into the theory that man has caused it all when it is strictly agenda driven propaganda tripe being driven by others looking to make billions off of fear. You take away the jobs and industry of one only to replace it with something that is equally or even more destructive.

Funny how you should mention algae.....when we have a government experimenting and spending millions in research to see if that very product could also be a replacement fuel source. You should be happy to have it so close at hand, right?

You seem to forget (or maybe didn't pay attention) that I am originally FROM Cleveland...and I remember the river catching fire while I was there. I think little Dennis the Menace was our Mayor at the time (maybe not). While I agree that the pollution was the cause and was immediately targeted for cleanup, there were signs for years and years prior to that that the water was in trouble and nobody did anything about it. I remember the warnings that the fish weren't safe to eat. BUT the answer wasn't to turn Cleveland into a ghost town and a tremendous loss of jobs by shutting down every industry nearby........and yet that's what eventually wound up happening. A huge city that people COULD HAVE BEEN proud of again was turned into what is now Detroit.

Yes, moving forward and finding innovative ways to deal with humanity is the right path, but you also need to have people in charge and leading who don't have personal agendas at stake and use fear in order to line their pockets and their friends' pockets to get immediate gain and gratification by rushing into what they want rather than look at the long-term affects. What is progress today usually ends up as a disaster tomorrow when you don't take into consider cause and affect, and most of our leaders unfortunately don't.