Maybe not now but it will happen

by Willy - 9/7/13 6:40 PM

In Reply to: Your words by TONI H

Here in my area, farming is still a key industry or business if you will. However, the constant fertilzer run-off to include all those home yards add to the drainage system, which causes algae outbreaks or worse. Smell, might be bad, but if the drinking water takes a dive, it certainly isn't good. If you rely too much to promote employment where pollution can be such a time-consuming reverse cleaning process it's far better to start with little to begin. In history past, in Japan, you could put an undeveloped photo and it would process it from the bay water. Here, in Ohio at Cleveland docks, fires broke along the lakefront. We've come a long way from those past moments and it takes alot of arm twisting, laws, legal maneuvering and plain keeping everyone in line to get here. Even now the "Superfund" is constantly besleighed for cleaning funds of what has been left behind. A local cancer cluster lawsuit against Whirlpool here in Clyde, OH is from possible chemical barrels and waste buried from old plants, so its still here with us many yrs. later. 90% is pretty good but 100% is better and you're not going to get that if you settle for less. There will be a day we pay the piper because action wasn't taken early enough. It's tough i know, but if you lived next to any factory, plant or industrial park or coal mine or oil field you'll see the in plain view what's being contended with. Old oil pipe heads or caps, are pulled so kids can huff or breathe the bad crap and become overwhelmed, what a tragic pastime. Maybe, the hydrogen fuel cell will come around but for now i try to reduce my carbon footprint as best as I can. I'm looking into methane gas instead of propane from pig waste, yeah that's gonna smell or not. wink -----Willy happy