Can't say, but problem might be something else

by FrolloDM - 9/7/13 5:43 PM

In Reply to: So it works with the old router. by R. Proffitt Moderator

The timing of the internet hanging and the new router could be coincidental, but like I said, this happens to all downloads. Maybe this will help:

Trying to download Windows Update. Can't get past 47%. Gives me error 80200010, meaning it loses its connection to the internet shortly after it starts. Download managers can get past some downloads, but not windows updates.

This does not apply to Netflix, which works more or less flawlessly. In addition, anything that requires a constant internet connection like an online game works fine too. A workaround for youtube is to refresh the page once it freezes, and repeat when it inevitably freezes again.

It's likely limited to my computer, as trying to download the same windows update on the other computer goes through fine.

In short, every long download drops my internet connection about ten seconds after it starts up. If what I'm trying to download has no way to reconnect, then it dies.