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by TONI H - 9/7/13 2:09 PM

In Reply to: Go to the hills and look by Willy

>>>They really never updated anything and the old processes were wasteful and polluting like crazy.>>>

But WE did and continued to do so, until BO made the threat that he would bankrupt any company that wanted to build a coal powered plant, and those that exist that were already at peak total compliance with existing laws were then told that had to spend billions more to get to the 100% that BO insisted on since based on that 100% figure, they were already operating at 90% and it still wasn't good enough for this administration because of its 'green' agenda. That's why so many refineries and plants were shut down, putting thousands out of work and turning towns into ghost towns economically. He didn't care and still doesn't that at a time when our economy and jobs were already in the toilet, he made it worse and turned his back on it all in order to spend billions in stimulus money on failed green crony jobs instead.....spending millions to create under ten jobs each.

We are about the only country (along with Canada) that actually HAS cleaned up our environment, and it's still not good enough for this prez and he even talked about it in Russia again the other day, when you consider that other countries (even those who signed the KYOTO Protocol...which the USA and Canada never ratified) have done little or nothing about their own environment. Do you think their air doesn't eventually get HERE and OUR businesses get blamed for the pollution because it fits with BO's agenda?