Go to the hills and look

by Willy - 9/7/13 12:16 PM

In Reply to: It's true that western coal is cheaper by James Denison

Coal usage just isn't clean and the regs are there so you and I can breathe now and our grandchild will too. If ran as the way they wanted you have like in Russia and China, black everywhere. China uses coal because that the main source of energy they have, they use it even for cooking by buying coal bricks intended for months use. China is hard learning all the industrialization they have is starting to hurt and trying to get things inline just as we already have. Russia or the old USSR regions also felt this same pollution, in fact when demand dried-up after the break-up of the USSR and it could no more maintain a "wasteful operation", plants were closed. They really never updated anything and the old processes were wasteful and polluting like crazy.

In the gold rush days when "monitoring" was done to wash gold out of mountains, practically washing mountains away. people noticed even in the 19th century you can't sustain that and live with the results. Even mining that's regulated now still has to deal with the olden waste they put aside. Many old mines still leach toxins or putrid waste that been polluting for yrs.. and hope the ***** don't break. It doesn't have to be gold, but any minerals extracted. Waste is waste and toxins take a looooonnnnggggg time to break down. -----Willy happy